Blue Vinney and Dorset Blue

Dorset Blue is a Protected Food Name made only in Dorset by one small cheesemaking company. It is a close relative of Dorset Blue Vinney and is made from partially skimmed, heat treated milk. Curds are formed and left to drain overnight. The whey is removed and the curd cut into blocks and stacked and turned every 20-30 minutes. The curd is milled and salted, put into cylindrical moulds and lightly pressed. After 4 days the mould is removed and the surfaces rubbed to form the crust and at 4 weeks skewered to allow air to enter the body of the cheese and so form the blue veins. The cheese will be matured for a further 8 to 16 weeks. The cheese is a similar size to Blue Stilton and Blue Wensleydale and has a uniform colour with irregular blue/green veins and a peppery, spicy flavour which will vary with age. As a reduced fat blue cheese it tends to be harder than other blue cheeses. As it gets older it becomes even harder with stronger flavours.