Vegetarian Cheeses


Cheese is a popular and natural food that is a good alternative to meat. Nowadays nearly all British cheese is suitable for vegetarians with members of the British Cheese Board (BCB) accounting for over 100 veggie-friendly varieties alone.

So that vegetarians can make the most of British cheese, the BCB has put together the following top tips:


  • Eat British cheese to help towards your intake of a number of nutrients. Hard cheese is a source of Protein, Calcium, Phosphorus and Vitamin B12. The Vegetarian Society recommends that vegetarians have two to three servings of dairy a day, or equivalent substitutes for vegans, as part of a balanced diet. From Lancashire on toast through to Roast Mediterranean Vegetables and Melting British Brie, there is a cheesy dish for anyone at any time. Even just sprinkling a strongly flavoured cheese - like a Vintage Cheddar - can boost your nutrient intake and add a delicious edge to your meal.
  • Eat British cheese for variety. With over 700 named UK cheeses available there is plenty of opportunity to try some of the stronger varieties to give your food more flavour - Blue Stilton adds extra depth and zip to just about any meal and Cornish Yarg will introduce you to something rather special. Experiment with some of the delicious blended cheeses available, such as Wensleydale and Cranberries or Cheddar with Herbs.
  • Eat British cheese for convenience and versatility. Cheese is quick, versatile and easy to use, so cooking a veggie option is never a chore - whether it is dinner at a dash or a snack in seconds, British cheese can make your meals a doddle. Treat yourself to a beginner's vegetarian cookbook and expand your palate whilst impressing your friends.
  • Eat British cheese as an instant treat. Cheese is the ultimate instant food. Head to your local deli for a delicious cheesy snack or knock up a speedy Lancashire omelette or Caerphilly rarebit with plum relish.
  • Read the labels. To make it easy, opt for foods that specify they are suitable for vegetarians or, better still, carry The Vegetarian Society's symbol.

Vegetarian Society 

  • Know the options. Visit your local health food shop or supermarket and get to know the full range of vegetarian foods on offer. You'll be amazed at the number of mouth-watering dishes available, many containing British Cheese.

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Cheese can be consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet but not as the only protein source in any diet.